Traditions Can Be Fun!

Thank God for our mothers and grandmothers!  They have taught me alot about the im portance of family, traditions and a relationship with God.  I really miss both my mothers, my maternal and mother in law.  I know I can rest easy  knowing they are both in Heaven because they were so strong in their faith and very spiritual.  They both were an inspiration to me to follow in the steps of Jesus.  As time goes on, I want to inspire my children and grandchildren of how the importance of having  Jesus in your heart, life and just to live your life more like Him.    


     This Thanksgiving I wanted to have an old fashion, traditional holiday with a beautiful table and all the trimmings in memory of them.  My mother and grandmother has a complete 8 piece silver place setting, Towle by Old Master, and extras that I inherited. I never used it because I never had a complete set of China until this year.  I had a two piece place setting with a gravy boat and platter, but that was it. 

It is very beautiful, but when my husband built my farm table with our monogram centered, it just didn’t feel right. 

 To make the table more festive, I added a burlap covered charger I bought at Hobby Lobby and sewn 8 napkins. On each napkin I monogrammed the corner of each napkin and made napkin rings made out of burlap and lace.  The material I used to make the napkins was a soft batiste, a combination of polyester & cotton. The monogram I used is from She has some gorgeous embroidered designs!  I believe I will add these napkins to me Etsy store.  I bought a small roll of burlap at Hobby Lobby.  I cut 8 pieces measuring 6  1/2″, put right sides together, sew on 1/4″ seam, then turn right side out, easy rings!:D

My husband laser etched the beverage glasses with an elegant “S”. We sell these on our ETSY store.  It added the finishing touch this country elegant table setting.  This is a place setting that can be used for other occasions as well as Thanksgiving.  I think I’ll make some napkins for Christmas.

We may have to make a small farm table for the grandchildren since they wanted to be with us too! Lol! 

It was the first time in quite a long time that we all could sit at the same table and enjoy each other’s company, after all isn’t that what family, Thanksgiving and the Holidays are all about?  Wishing you all Happy Holidays!