Simple Faux Pocket 

    To make a simple faux pocket on a tank top, first download a faux pocket design. There are so many to choose from from so many applique stores. My favorite size is a 4.5″.  

    To get started, I like to use a large hoop, approximately 8″.  Next I trace the area where the pocket monogram is going to be.   Then I use approximately a half inch of material and stitch across the top portion.  After that I flip the material back, stitch & zigzag to hold it down.  Take the hoop off of the machine and trim very close to the stitching.

    Now you are ready to stitch the faux pocket.  I like to use a straight stitch, zigzag, satin stitch,  then topstitch around the faux pocket.  

    Finally the monogram!  After you decide on the style of monogram you want, then add that to your faux pocket design on your computer. Save to your computer then send it to your embroidery machine. 

     I monogrammed 21 sets with matching shorts for a college cheer camp. There are many ways to add a faux pocket to a garment, I find this one works easiest for me and thought I’d share:D.  Happy monogramming😂


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